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If you are a collector of LPs/12"s or 45s and you want to estimate the value or the rating of the disc you are considering buying or selling, contact us. It you want to know the value of your collection of 45s or if you want to sell it, we buy as well as we sell them.

Today the American market has no official listing of the LPs/12"s or 45s that is updated regularly. Until now the price of vinyl disc was set subjectively by professionals on criteria based on the state of the disc, the artist, the songs...But now we provide updated quotes.

We are the first site to provide a price value that is 100% reliable. The rating of each record is developed from a very simple method: the encounter between supply and demand. Once a sale is concluded on the Internet, we index our database. From a real daily monitoring that is performed on the major auction sitessale made by users who have contacted us, our team offers an objective rating of LPs/12"s or 45s.

To keep this database up to date, we need you to tell us about your collection. And if you have some luck, who knows, you may sell it to us at a good price. Or to one of our big collector customer. Have you seen the latest Woody Allen movie, 'Midnight in Paris'. In this movie the hero finally falls in love with the slender woman from the record store. Watch it to share the nostlagia about past hits. Talking about nostalgia, how about some Reggae music or Hard Rock music?

Did you know that Woody Allen is not just one of the best movie directors of the twentieth century, he is also a great musician playing the clarinet and he has been performing live since the mod 60's. Have you noticed that all his movies have great original jazz music? Yes of course as Woody's favorite music is jazz and his band only plays jazz. And the beginning of all his movies are always remarkable by the music that he carefully selects.

Note that we are not a pawn shop trying to buy your old records at bottom try so you can get a cash advance. We will offer you a fair price for all your records, a price as close as possible to the market price. If you need some cash or if you want to make some space in your house, then we are the perfect venue for you to get the best deal for your old collection. We guarantee that you will not find a better offer elsewhere.

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